High Flyers

High FlyersWelcome to the High flyers area. This section of the website is for the pilots interested in the proficiency test.

The proficiency test randomly generates a selection of 40 questions out of the whole PPL Cruiser database, which is updated daily. It is a chance for you to check your general aviation knowledge in a fun way so that you know you are prepared and safe when you take to the skies.

The top results are shown on the league table below. See how you do against other pilots from all over the world.

Name Club Score
Anthony Cohen ........... 100%
David Groves Aeros 100%
Mike Barnett Eden Flight Training 100%
Fady Abouelghit The European Flight training school 100%
Matteo Magni Atlantic flight training academy 100%
Jaap Holweg Special Air Services 100%
Tony MICHELL Skyward 100%
Filip Tack Ghent Aviation 100%
Liam Doyle St George's Flight Training 100%
John Westwood The Flying School 100%
Alan Tyler Bournemouth Flying Club 100%
John Dunn Newcastle 100%
BeatriceSecchi Afta 100%
Jason Davidson Cambrian Flying Club 98%
Stepan Kolesnik Stapleford Flight Centre 98%
Mikael Anttila Patria Pilot Training 98%
Peter Hicks London Gliding Club 98%
James Ratcliffe Farnborough Aero Club 98%
Martin Steel Leicestershire aero club 98%
Afonso Duarte Moura Reis Aero GAVINA )Barcelona( 98%
João Pedro Pacheco Rodrigues EFT 95%
Chris None 95%
Timothy Brazenor PFT 95%
Jean-Jacques COLLART EBBY 95%
Nigel Burnet Compton Abbas Flying School 95%
Padrig Murphy PPL Cruiser Ground School 95%
Daniel Freeman AFTA 95%
Andrew Muir Atlantic Flight Training Academy 95%
Christopher Chisholm CFT 95%
BAM 1234 95%
Chris Wyatt MFT 95%
Hamish Jamson Multiflight 95%
Chloe duncan AFTA 95%
Liam Crockett Ferguson Tayside 95%
Ellie Gray LOMAC Aviators 95%
Paul Clarke None 95%
rob mcbrien Adlantic Flight Training Acadamy 92%
Neil Kilbey JAC 92%
Richard van Toorn Vereinigung Aktiver Piloten, EDWN 92%
John Stephenson Aeros 92%
Anthony Little Flintshire Flying School 92%
Eoin O Callaghan Waterford Aeroclub 92%
Graham Davison St George Flying Training, Durham Tees Valley Airport 92%
Chris Prosser Panshanger 92%
Alex Bassinot National Flight Center 92%
Peter Spikings EGBT 92%
Tony Kiplimo Sigei Kenya School of Flying 92%
Mark Lewis Stapelford 92%
Markus Orvik UTSA 92%
Rhys Foulkes Synergy Flight, Fairoaks 92%