Make studying for your PPL Exams easy!

PPL Cruiser is an online database containing thousands of questions that PPL students may encounter in their ground examinations (EASA PPL / NPPL and instrument ratings). It has many useful features, including:

  • Visual aids shown wherever possible, including graphs and photos from aircrafts & real life flight situations
  • Memory aids suggested, including mnemonics
  • Questions selected at random so that your practise exam is different every time
  • Detailed answer explanations, in simple language, by a certified flight instructor
  • Time limit, using official exam time allowance
  • Percentage scoring updated question by question
  • Progress monitoring tool, showing all previous exam attempts
  • Unrestricted usage after registering (within timespan paid for)
  • User feedback used to update website/database DAILY
  • Proficiency test for already qualified pilots

Most importantly PPL Cruiser has been designed to make studying easy and enjoyable, so that your love of theory can equal your love of flying!

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